Degree Plan

Rational Essay

     The courses that I take and the order that I take them are largely influenced by what is available and the order in which I am required to take these courses. Also for my electives I would like to take courses that I feel would lend themselves well toward my ultimate goal of becoming a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner.

     I will however only be taking four credits in the spring. I signed up for four credits for two reasons, the first being that I cannot afford to work a reduced schedule without my G.I. Bill payments and the second is that I will not be able to make any new changes to my work schedule till the middle of March. So I will be taking Nursing Informatics for four credits.

     Over the summer session I will take Pharmacology for four credits and then I plan to return to an eight credit semester. In the fall I plan to take Health Care Delivery Systems and Policy and Advanced Nursing Physiology for a total of eight credits. I hope I will be able to continue to take eight credits per semester and 4 credits over the summer session till I am done with my BSN.

     In 2012 if I continue to have a similar schedule I hope to take Health Care Delivery Systems and Policy and Nursing Research and for an elective I hope to take Multigenerational Nursing, I feel that this electives focus on development will lend nicely to my future plans. I also hope to take Healing and Wellness of the Whole Person over the summer of 2012.

     After that I cannot be sure of what my schedule will be like. As my commitments at home might be changing, though with luck I hope to be able to complete my degree in 2013 and move on to working on my advanced degree.